Department of History Course Permits

The department is able to assist students in attaining a course registration permit when needed. A student typically seeks a permit when they are either receiving enrollment errors, have completed prerequisites that still do not show on their course records, or require a permit for special "permit only" classes. Prior to requesting a course permit, please make sure you are not at your maximum allowed enrollment units (18 unit maximum for Undergraduate Students, 12 unit maximum for Graduate Students). 

If you are in need of a registration permit for a course belonging to the department (HIST), please read the following information:

  • Students requesting permits to enroll in a history class must first contact the course instructor to attain initial approval. Be sure to include your full name, campus-wide ID number (CWID), and the course you need a permit for in your email. 
  • Permits are issued only  after; 1) The instructor has approved the student's request. 2) There is still available space in the course for the student to enroll. If the course is full, then the department cannot issue a permit even if you received initial instructor approval. 3) The student meets all prerequisite conditions for the course unless prior exceptions have been made. 

The department does not issue permits to be placed on the course wait-list, nor can ask instructors for a permit on your behalf. Also, please be aware that fully approved permits are issued only once , therefore it is vital that you utilize your permit prior to it expiring (expiration varies on semester and permit approval circumstance). 

If you require any information pertaining specifically to course permits, please send an email to Permits, Department of History.