Undergraduate Major Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in History requires 45 units in the major. A “C” (2.0) or better is required in all history courses applied towards degree.  


  • World Civilization (6 units)
    HIST 110A - World Civilizations to the 16th Century (3)
    HIST 110B - World Civilizations Since the 16th Century (3)
  • U.S. History (6 units)
    HIST 170A - United States to 1877 (3) and
    HIST 170B - United States Since 1877 (3) or
    HIST 180 - Survey of American History (3) and
    HIST 170A - United States to 1877 (3) or
    HIST 170B - United States Since 1877 (3) or
    HIST 190 - Survey of American History with Emphasis on Ethnic Minorities (3)  and
    HIST 170A - United States to 1877 (3) or
    HIST 170B - United States Since 1877 (3)


  • HIST 300A - Historical Thinking (3)
  • HIST 300B - Historical Writing (3)
  • At least 6 units in three of the following four fields:
  • World/Comparative History, United States History, European History, Non-Western History


  • Two upper-division history electives (6)
  • HIST 490T - Senior Research Seminar (3)

History Minor

A Minor in History is an excellent complement to any major. Studying history gives one a broader perspective on the global context within which we all live and work, develops skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, interpretation and communication that will be needed to succeed in today’s (and tomorrow’s) careers and helps put one’s life–and those of others–in historical context. The degree also cultivates knowledge of the U.S. and the world in greater depth and breadth.

The Minor requires a total of 15 Units, 6 of which are lower division history courses, and 9 of upper division history courses. 

Important Forms for Current Students:

History Major Requirements (known as the "Green Sheet")PDF File

History Major Self-Advising Form (known as the "Yellow Sheet")PDF File

History Minor Self-Advising Sheet (known as the "Pink Sheet")PDF File

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