Department of History Course Permits

The department is able to assist students in attaining a course registration permit when needed. A student typically seeks a permit when they are either receiving enrollment errors, have completed prerequisites that still do not show on their course records, or require a permit for special "permit only" classes.


Before Requesting a Course Permit

The department cannot grant a course permit if certain restrictions are in place. Please check if these restrictions apply to your course.

  • The student is at the maximum allowed enrollment units or will exceed maximum enrollment units by enrolling in this course.
  • The waitlist is full.
  • The student is enrolled in a different section of the same class.
  • The student is enrolled in another class that takes place at the same time and date.
  • The student owes money to CSUF.
  • The student has not met the prerequesites to the course.


Requesting a Permit

Please email the course instructor with your full name, campus-wide ID number (CWID), and the requested course for initial approval.

If the professor approves, the professor will contact the department. The department will check if any of the above restrictions apply. The department will also check if the course is full or not. If the course is not full, and none of the restrictions apply, the department will issue a permit. The department will then email you stating that the permit has been granted.

The department cannot issue permits that place students on the course wait-list. Please be aware that fully approval permits are issue only once. It is vital that you utilize the permit prior to it expiring. The department will state the permit expiration date in the approval email.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email the History Department's Permits address.