Graduate Assistantships

Under immediate supervision, the Graduate Assistant (GA) provides a regular faculty member or the teaching staff with various professional and technical duties. Assigned tasks are generally associated with the subjects or programs in which the assistant is doing graduate work. Assistantships are great opportunities for students to connect with faculty and their peers while gaining transferable skills for their future endeavors. This work should not take precedence over the successful completion of the graduate degree program by the student in a timely manner. Listed below are some of the most common frequently asked questions.

Who am I able to be a GA for?

Any tenured or tenure track (full time) faculty member who is teaching a large lecture course (99 or more students enrolled). The only exception to this is the chair of the department, who has the option of requesting a graduate assistant.

What are the academic qualifications required to be considered for a GA position?

Graduate students who have reached classified status, meaning they have successfully completed a minimum of 12 units of graduate level coursework, are eligible to apply.

What is the difference between a GA position and a graduate history internship with a professor?

Graduate Assistantships are paid positions in which the student does not earn any units. Internships require enrollment in HIST 596 and are unpaid. Teaching assistantships with faculty fall into this category.

What is the salary for holding a GA position?

Salary varies by academic year based on the fiscal budget.

Is there a time limit for holding a GA position?

There is a four (4) semester limit on graduate assistantships. This applies whether a GA position was held in consecutive semesters or not. We do not offer positions during Intersession or Summer.

What are some of the general duties for GAs?

Job duties vary depending on the needs of the faculty who are able to utilize a graduate assistant. Some examples include, but are not limited to: attending course lectures, presenting lectures, holding office hours, proctoring exams, providing research assistance, and performing individual and/or group tutoring.

What are the work hours for GA and how flexible are they?

Graduate assistant work hours vary. Expectations should be discussed with the faculty whom the student is interested in assisting prior to applying.

Are GA employment terms based on semester or academic year length?

Graduate assistants are hired every semester (fall and spring only).

Do I need to be enrolled in courses in order to be a GA?

Currently, positions are open to Department of History Masters of Arts students in good academic standing. There are no unit criteria.

How are GAs identified on a university level?

Graduate assistants are identified as Unit 11 employees. Please see the Faculty Affairs and Records website for details.

Do GAs receive Faculty/staff parking permits?

Currently, CSUF does not issue faculty/staff parking permits to graduate assistants.

Are there any work-related benefits given by the university to GAs?

“Those employees   excluded from health, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits include Graduate Assistants and Instructional Student Assistants.” - UAW/CSU Collective Bargaining Agreement, Page 3, Article 23.

Where can I get an application?

Graduate students who are eligible to apply may do so through the CSUF Job Portal