Cultural and Public History Association

The Cultural and Public History Association (CPHA) at California State University, Fullerton was founded as an outlet for students interested in the study of public history and cross-cultural studies.

CPHA is committed to upholding the values of CSUF, and we hope that through our engagement with the university and its students, we can help in building an inclusive community that values diversity, fosters tolerance, and encourages mutual understanding.

CPHA is also proud to publish VoicesOpens in new window , an annual interdisciplinary journal created entirely by CSUF students.

Voices not only reflects the scholarly accomplishments of CSUF students, but also illustrates their engagement with the world around them. By offering new perspectives and examining the historical roots of issues encountered in today’s world, it is our hope that the voices shared by this journal will encourage readers to delve into the topics that matter to them, and motivate them to share their voices as well."


Contact the Cultural and Public History Association

Interested students should email the faculty advisor, Dr. Ben Cawthra.

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