Emeriti Specialities & Selected Scholarly Works

Dr. Leland J. Bellot

Years at CSUF: 1964 - 2006

Modern Britain

"'I Will Do No Mischief, But I will Stimulate the Minister to Do Good': Calamities, Public & Private, 1782-1790." In William Knox, 185-205. New York: University of Texas Press, 2021.

"'The Dye Is Cast & More Mischief Will Follow": Conflicts of Interest & the Coming of the American Revolution, 1770-1775." In William Knox, 106-139. New York: University of Texas Press, 2021.

"'Wild Hares and Red Herrings': A Case Study of Estate Management in the Eighteenth-Century English Countryside." The Huntington Library quarterly 56, no. 1 (1993): 15-39.

Dr. Lauren W. Breese

Years at CSUF: 1965 - 2000

Medieval Europe

"Early Normandy and the emergence of Norman Romanesque architecture." Journal of medieval history 14, no. 3 (1988): 203-216.

Dr. Gayle Brunelle

Dr. Gayle Brunelle

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Atlantic World/Early Modern and Modern/Commerce


Magic Witchcraft 


Dr. Jack A. Crabbs Jr.

Years at CSUF: 1973 - 2005

Modern Middle East

The writing historDy in nineteenth-century Egypt: a study in national transformation. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1984.

Untitled Review, review of Studies in the History of the near East written by P. M. Holt. Journal of Near Eastern Studies 35, no. 4 (1976): 295-296.

"Politics, History, and Culture in Nasser's Egypt." International journal of Middle East studies 6, no. 4 (1975): 386-420.

Dr. Wendy Elliot

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Dr. Robert S. Feldman

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Russia/Soviet Union

Dr. Lawrence B. de Graff

Dr. Lawrence B. de Graaf

Years at CSUF: 1959 - 2002

California, African American Studies, Oral History

The Fullerton way: 50 years of memories at California State University, Fullerton. Fullerton: Center for Oral and Public History/California State University, 2009.

Mulroy, Kevin and Quintard Taylor. Seeking El Dorado: African Americans in California. Los Angeles: Autry Museum of Western Heritage, 2001.

and Steven D. Edgington. The "Kitchen Cabinet": four California citizen advisors of Ronald Reagan: interviews. Fullerton: Oral History Program, California State University, Fullerton, 1983.

Dr. Vanessa Gunther

Years at CSUF: Coming Soon


Dr. Arthur Hansen Dr. Arthur Hansen

Years at CSUF: 1966 - 2008

Japanese-American, Oral History

Japanese American World War II evacuation oral history project. Munich: K.G. Saur, 1993.

Barbed voices: oral history, resistance, and the World War II Japanese American social disaster. Louisville: University Press of Colorado.

and Della E. McMillan. Food in Sub-Saharan Africa. Boulder: L. Rienner, 1986.

Dr. Samuel Y. Kupper

Years at CSUF: 1973 - Unknown End Date

Specialitiy Coming Soon

Untitled Review, review of Revolutionaries, Monarchists, and Chinatowns: Chinese Politics in the Americas and the 1911 Revolution written by L. Eve Armentrout Ma. Western Historical Quarterly 22, no. 3 (1991): 376-377.

Untitled Review, review of Backward toward Revolution: The Chinese Revolutionary Party written by Edward Friedman. The Western Political Quarterly 28, no. 4 (1975): 758-760.

Untitled Review, review of China, a Resource and Curriculum Guide written by Arlene Posner and Arne J. De Keijzer. The History Teacher 6, no. 4 (1973): 629-630.

Dr. Michael P. Onorato

Years at CSUF: Coming Soon

Modern Japan

My Coney Island memoir. Bellingham: Pacific Rim Books, 2007.

Forgotten heroes: Japan's imprisonment of American civilians in the Philippines, 1942-1945: an oral history. Westport: Meckler, 1990.

Leonard Wood and the Philippine Cabinet crisis of 1923. Manila: University of Manila, 1967.

Dr. Ali Parsa

Years at CSUF: 1999 - 2019

Islamic Civilization

Dr. Jackson K. Putnam

Years at CSUF: 1965 - 1996


“Governor Reagan: A Reappraisal.” California history (San Francisco) 83, no 4 (2006): 24-45.

Modern California Politics. Sparks: MTL, 1996.

Old-age politics in California; from Richardson to Reagan. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1970.

Dr. Dana Reemes

Years at CSUF: 2006 - 2020

Ancient Egypt

"On the Name "Plotinus." Lingua Aegyptia 5 (1997): 161-169.

Who is the king Petubastis of the demonic Petubastis cycle? Los Angeles: Verlag nicht ermittelbar, 1991.

Dr. Ronald D. Rietveld Dr. Ronald D. Rietveld

Years at CSUF: 1969 - 2009

U.S. South

"Abraham Lincoln's Thomas Jefferson." White House studies 5, no. 3 (2005): 327.

"The Lincoln White House Community." Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association 20, no. 2 (1999): 17-48.

"Hendrick Peter Scholte and the Land of Promise." The Annals of Iowa 48, no. 3 (1986): 135-154.

Dr. Gary L. Shumway

Years at CSUF: 1967 - 2006

U.S. West

This part of the vineyard: a centennial overview of the history of Blanding, Utah. Yorba Linda: Shumway Family History Corp., 2005.

Vredenburgh, Larry M. and Hartill, Russel D. Desert fever: an overview of mining in the California desert. Canoga Park: Living West Press, 1981.

and William G. Hartley. An oral history primer. Salt Lake City: Oral History Primer, 1973.

Dr. Ernest W. Toy

Years at CSUF: Coming Soon

Speciality Coming Soon

"Some Adventures of a Seafaring Accountant: William Crickmay and the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, 1853-1858." Mariner's mirror 105, no. 3 (2019): 318-330.

"A FARMER'S SON GOES TO SEA: THE NAVAL CAREER OF ALAN EVERETT HUDSON." Mariner's mirror 85, no. 2 (1999): 182-195.

Adventurers afloat : a nautical bibliography : a comprehensive guide to books in English recounting the adventures of amateur sailors upon the waters of the world in yachts, boats, and other devices and including works on the arts and sciences of cruising, racing, seamanship, navigation, design, building, etc. from the earliest writings through 1986. Metuchen: Scarecrow Press, 1988.

Dr. David E. Van Deventer

Years at CSUF: 1965 - 2006

Speciality Coming Soon

The emergence of provincial New Hampshire, 1623-1741. Bowie: Heritage Books, 1996.

Untitled Review, review of The Old Northwest in the American Revolution: An Anthology written by David Curtis Skaggs. The Historian 42, no. 3 (1980): 510-512.

Untitled Review, review of A General of the Revolution: John Sullivan of New Hampshire written by Charles P. Whittemore. The William and Mary Quarterly 19, no. 3 (1962): 460-461.

Dr. Nelson Woodard

Years at CSUF: 1968 - 2009

U.S. Foreign Relations

the Rand Corporation and Vickie Woodard. The centennial Air Force: the future of air power at the Air Force's 100th birthday. Santa Monica: Rand, 2001.

Untitled Review, review of Air Power in the Age of Total War written by John Buckley. The History Teacher 34, no. 1 (2000): 127-128.

Untitled Review, review of American Ascendant: U.S. Foreign Relations since 1939 written by Thomas G. Paterson and J. Garry Clifford. The History Teacher 29, no. 4 (1996): 541-542.

Dr. James Woodward Dr. James Woodward

Years at CSUF: 1972 - 2007

History of Science

“Inertia and propulsion in general relativity: a reply to rodal.” General relativity and gravitation 52, no 2 (2020). DOI: 10.1007.

“The problem of variable choice.” Synthese (Dordrecht) 193, no. 4 (2016): 1047-1072.

“Flux capacitors and the origin of inertia.” Foundations of physics 34, no. 10 (2004): 1475-1514.

Dr. Cecile Zinberg

Years at CSUF: 1969 - 2007

Early Modern England

"'Practical Divinity': The Works and Life of Revd Richard Greenham." Church History 68, no. 4 (1999): 1018-1020.

and Brian P. Levack. "The Civil Lawyers in England, 1603-1641: A Political Study." The American Historical Review 79, no. 4 (1974): 1177-1178.

"'THE END OF THE UPRIGHT MAN': THE LAST SERMON OF JOHN STRYPE (1643-1737)." Notes and queries 21, no. 7 (1974): 252-253.