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Stephen O'Connor, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History


I am an historian of the ancient Greek world, specializing in its economic and military history during the fifth and fourth centuries BCE. I joined CSUF in 2012 after a year teaching at Bowdoin College. My research focuses on the logistics and economics of Greek warfare, and especially on what an analysis of the provisioning of Greek armies and navies can tell us about the structure and performance of economies in the Classical Greek world. I have also published articles on the diet, pay, and tactics of Greek military forces.


2011, Ph.D., History, Columbia University

2001, M.Phil., Greek and Roman History, Wadham College, University of Oxford

1998, B.A., Classics (Latin), Yale University

Courses Regularly Taught

History 110A, World Civilizations to the 16th Century C.E.

History 400A, Concepts in World History, Ancient to Early Modern

History 414A, The Ancient Near East

History 415A, Early Greece: From Troy to Thermopylae

History 415B, The Classical Greek World, 479-323 B.C.E.

History 415C, War and Society in Ancient Greece

I also regularly direct M.A. exams and theses on topics related to ancient Greece and the ancient Mediterranean world more generally.


‘The Agoranomoi at Cotyora (Xen., An. 5.7.21-9): Cerasuntians or Cyreans?’ Classical Quarterly 66 (2016): 84-99

‘Private Traders and the Food Supply of Classical Greek Armies,’ Journal of Ancient History 3 (2015): 173-219

‘The Daily Grain Consumption of Classical Greek Sailors and Soldiers,’ Chiron 43 (2013): 327-356