Is History Right for You?

As a History student you will study multiple global cultures and acquire a number of skills relevant to any professional or occupational setting and life situation, such as the importance of cross-cultural understanding and empathy, the development of critical and analytical reading, writing, and research, and presenting one's ideas in a clear, concise, and coherent oral presentation. You will also have an opportunity to join a community of engaged students and work with an outstanding and diverse faculty who will know you and help you fashion a career that makes sense of your needs and interests.

What Can I Do With a Degree in History?

Almost anything! There are two key questions that help determine how a history degree prepares you for a promising career of your choice – “Who needs your Knowledge?” And “Who needs your Skills and Methodology?”

Our graduates spend years specializing in European, World, or American history, acquiring the knowledge that makes them ideal for teaching careers in California’s public and private schools. Those who go on to earn an M.A. qualify for positions at the community college level and can continue on to Ph.D. programs for careers as academic research historians or college professors.

But don’t think that teaching is your only option. Your knowledge can be put to use in fields such as publishing, digital media, or public advocacy. Our graduates work in the entertainment industry on documentaries, and in the field of public history for banks, breweries, law firms, city governments, theme parks, and museums and archives.

The skills you will gain here can also prove invaluable in areas such a journalism, law enforcement, and government agencies, politics, and business.

There are far too many opportunities to possibly list them all. The knowledge, skills, and methodology of history allow you do almost anything. So perhaps the more appropriate question is “What CAN’T I Do With a Degree in History?”