Dr. Kristine Dennehy

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Kristine Dennehy, Ph.D.

Professor of History


I received my Ph.D. in History from UCLA (2002), with a dissertation entitled, "Memories of Colonial Korea in Postwar Japan" which focused on contrasting evaluations of Japanese imperialism among former colonial officials in Korea, progressive historians in the postwar Japanese academy, and ethnic Koreans who were still living in Japan after 1945. In 2007, I contributed an essay, "Overcoming Colonialism at Bandung, 1955" to the volume Pan-Asianism in Modern Japanese History (eds. Sven Saaler and J. Victor Koschmann, Routledge) which looked at Japan's participation in the 1955 Pan-Asian, Pan-African Conference held in Bandung Indonesia. My essay, "Incorporating Japan into the World History Curriculum: an integrative approach" is forthcoming in the journal, The History Teacher.


2002, Ph.D., UCLA

Research Areas

Nationalism and Imperialism in Modern Asia; Ethnic Korean Communities in
Post-World War II Japan; Pedagogy and the Incorporation of Asian History into the Secondary School World History Curriculum