Declaring a History Minor

A Minor in History is an excellent complement to any major. Studying history gives one a broader perspective on the global context within which we all live and work, develops skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, interpretation and communication that will be needed to succeed in today’s (and tomorrow’s) careers and helps put one’s life–and those of others–in historical context. The degree also cultivates knowledge of the U.S. and the world in greater depth and breadth.

Whether you are declaring history as your minor for the first time, or changing your minor to history you can complete this process online through the Office of Records and Registration at the link below.  

Submit the Online Major/Minor Change Form through the Office of Records and Registration. 


Best Practices for declaring your new History major: 

  • Familiarize yourself with History's minor requirements on our Undergradaute Program page or through the official catalog description for "History" at CSUF for information about the department.
  • Speak with an advisor in the history department to discuss minor requirements, course choices, and career options.