Graduate Student Forms & Guides

To support your academic journey in any of our three MA programs, please use these guides and forms to ensure all of your program requirements are met and your student file with the department accurately reflects your status in the program. For any questions on these guides or forms, please contact the MA Program Coordinator or make an appointment with a graduate advisor. 

Program guides

Not sure which exit option is best for you? Click here to find our Exit Option GuidePDF File to find the best fit for your academic goals. 

MA Program Forms

All forms linked below have been made using Adobe Sign and should be completed and submitted in the order that they appear here. To complete your exit option, you will need to complete and submit all forms listed under the section labeled with your exit option.

If you are asked to login to complete these forms, please use your CSUF login information. For any questions related to these forms or the requirements of your program, please contact our MA Program Coordinator. 

Other Program Forms

HIST 599 Application Form 

Internship Application Forms


Don't see the form you're looking for? Check the Graduate Studies's Forms Webpage for more information.